The Dynamic Matters multi-national team has more than 30-years’ experience in the industry with innovative solutions for your requirements. State of the art products designed for greater efficiency, consistency and cost savings will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Formaldehyde based resin technology for the composite board industry.

We provide technical and process support/advice to wood composite and resin manufacturers by developing fit for purpose formulations tailored to resin plant constraints, raw material types and end user requirements.

Currently the most common way to access new resin technology is to link up with a major resin supplier; this can be expensive and very restrictive… this is not the way we do business.

We offer manufactures direct access to the latest resin formulations that are custom designed to your resin facility and/or end user needs.

We also offer problem solving expertise in resin and composite board processes.

We have over 20 years’ experience in resin development and manufacturing and the manufacturing of MDF, particleboard, laminating, and plywood.

What We Do
Our approach incorporates full resin development and board production trialling through to commercial realisation. This relies on a comprehensive analysis of factors such as resin plant capabilities like raw material quality, raw material charge rates, heating and cooling constraints, types of raw material e.g. UFC vs. Formaldehyde solution etc.

Our Technology
Our resin technology includes;

  • E1 resins for PB and MDF (HMR and Standard grade)
  • E0 resins for PB and MDF (HMR and Standard grade)
  • Super E0 resins for PB and MDF (HMR and Standard grade)
  • Scavenger resins (use in conjunction with existing resins)
  • MUPF resin technology for PB and MDF – exterior use
  • Plywood resins for A and B bonds
  • Saturating resins MF and UF for Laminated paper.
  • Catalyst technology

Resin Development
Resins are developed with the end user requirements in mind. A full analysis of the end user processes is conducted to account for factors such as;

  • Board property requirements
  • Types of wood furnish be utilised
  • Forming station and flake /fibre transport systems used
  • Press type and cycle-time requirements

Cost Savings
Our technology will give board manufacturers an opportunity to realise cost savings in areas such as:

  • Glue reduction
  • Simplified glue systems (less mistakes made)
  • Decreased press times (productivity increases)
  • More consistent panel product (less reject)

Technical Advice
Additional technical advice is also offered to resin manufactures on issues such as,

  • Batch recovery
  • Process improvement
  • Operator training
  • Batch time reduction
  • Raw material analysis

Continual support is also available for optimisation of developed resins. As customer requirements/equipment/markets change so too does the performance requirements of resins.
Board Producers

For wood panel manufactures, we offer process improvement support, which includes

  • Optimisation of fibre preparation
  • Resin usage efficiencies
  • Press cycle time improvements
  • Press control efficiencies
  • Raw material usage control
  • Sanding line efficiencies

Working with operators to reduce process variation, reject and down-time rates, from raw material preparation to pressing through to sanding, cutting and value adding.

This is accomplished through the use of statistical process control methods and proven problem solving experimental design techniques.

Support in all areas of the production process are offered and on all types of process equipment.

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