The Dynamic Matters multi-national team has more than 30-years’ experience in the industry with innovative solutions for your requirements. State of the art products designed for greater efficiency, consistency and cost savings will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


NitroFlux Advance – A programmed release nitrogen (PRN) liquid fertiliser which is combined with phosphorus, potassium and trace elements to form the ultimate programmed release fertiliser specifically for your needs.

Dynamic Matters manufactures and trades a complete range of fertilisers for all crop needs. As the only fertiliser manufacturer in the country to have been accredited with the prestigious SIRIM MS 49:2008 product certification and MS ISO 2008 process certification, and with a large dealer network, our fertilisers are readily available to the customers and agricultural community locally and neighbouring countries.

NitroFlux Advance – the Dynamic Matters fertiliser range is manufactured specifically for your particular crop requirements with the perfect mix of nutrients. This, along with the liquid polymer base, will give you efficient nutrition, improved productivity, additional plant stock strength and cost effective returns.

Dynamic Matters Brand, the trademark synonymous with quality fertilisers, is of guaranteed composition for its unique potassium nitrate complex compound fertiliser which promotes efficient nutrient uptake by the plant and manufactured under stringent quality control and assurance standards

General Information

  • Liquid polymer
  • Reliable controlled release nitrogen source
  • Foliar uptake reduces losses and gives maximum efficiency
  • Low leaching & volatilization losses (reduces blue-green algae)
  • Non-burning, low salt index (non-phototoxic)
  • Superior foliage colour
  • No unpredictable or irregular flushes of growth
  • Compatible with most pesticides
  • Increased root development
  • Liquid formulation ensures even coverage
  • Will not damage spray equipment or clog nozzles

Technical Information

  • NitroFlux Advance contains 28% nitrogen and can be combined with phosphorus, potassium and essential trace elements to form the ultimate programmed release fertiliser.
  • Nitrogen is derived from urea and our PRN (Programmed Release Nitrogen) Polymer
  • PRN is a polymeric form of methylene urea and aromatic nitrogen bonds.
  • PRN does not dissolve as readily as urea and hence slowly releases nitrogen to the plant over a longer period. This means that the plant is continually being fed nutrients between fertilising periods
  • Because PRN is a polymer, it binds to the soil and plant foliage, it is not easily washed away after watering like conventional fertilisers
  • A PRN polymer-based fertiliser it is more efficient than conventional fertilisers
  • PRN is non-toxic to plant leaves and flower whilst other fertilisers can produce “leaf burn”
  • Application to the leaves results in a gloss finish which gives the leaves a vibrant, healthy appearance
  • Australian technology

Technical Information

  • Plants should be generously sprayed every 1-6 weeks depending on crop, horticultural variety and development stage (consult supplier for more information)
  • NitroFlux Advance may be applied to the foliage, soil surface or a combination of both
  • NitroFlux Advance is compatible with most existing fertilisers
  • After the plant has been sprayed (foliage and soil surface) the same procedure using water only should followed 1-3 days later. This will activate all the critical chemical components delivering maximum nutrients to the plant
  • No mixing of powder + water necessary

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