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Fire Retardants

PHIAZONYL FR is a Fire Retardant chemical that meets Harmonised European Standard EN 13501 Class B/C – (Formally BS 476 part7 Class 0/1, EN 13823), and Chinese standard (GB 20286 -2006) B/C class for the manufacture of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).

When the resin is added together with PHIAZONYL FR, the combination forms a chemical solution that reduces the flame spread and smoke evolution in the event of fire on MDF products used in the facility.

Using PHIAZONYL FR does not result in decreased sander belt or trim – saw operational lifespan. No scoring burn marks appear on board surface as seen with traditional Ammonium/Phosphate based fire retardants.

PHIAZONYL FR is a simple and effective application to achieve internationally recognized fire rating standard for MDF board. It is designed to achieve the most cost efficient/highest quality panel available in the industry today.


Solids content (Active ingredients) : 28-32 %
Specific Gravity : 1.15
pH : 6.5- 7.5
Storage Life (Shelf life) : 6 – 12 Months (30’C)
Appearance : Clear liquid
*Recommended Dosage rate
C class standard: 90-100 litres/Cubic metre MDF
B class standard : 230–250 litres/Cubic metre MDF



  • PHIAZONYL FR should be added to the blow line, separate to the resin – but this can be adapted depending on Glue-kitchen configuration.
  • Pumping specifications will be recommended by the supplier, depending on individual needs.
  • The MDF product will be much lighter in colour than product produced without FRM.
  • On-line mat moisture content should be less than 11% but will vary depending on product thickness.
  • Product can be used with traditional ammonium salt based catalysts and formaldehyde catchers.
  • For each resin category i.e. E1, E0 (F3*), sE0 (F4*) distinct resins must be formulated to take full advantage of the PHIAZONYL FR. Technical assistance will be provided.

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